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Jewel-encrusted handset.

   We are glad to present new luxury phone motorola V3. ANBINDER limited edition jewel-encrusted handset. The case of phone is made out of a host of precious metals (yellow or white gold 14k) and settings by black & white diamonds. The gold phone has a specific ring tone, a suitable background image and a screensaver designed by ANBINDER. Additionally, the phone has a specific sound when turning it on and off, and includes a video clip with the company's history. The technical data and the measures of the quad-band mobile phone comply with the late edition Motorola RAZR V3, which has a build-in 1,23-Megapixel-Camera with a 8x digital Zoom, a transflash slot and a TFT display with 262.144 colors and bluetooth.





Gold watch with diamonds.

   Gold watch with diamonds and sapphires from red gold, weight of a product of 60 grams, 1.5 carats of diamonds, 8 carat of sapphires of a special facet. The Swiss movements. Exclusive design.




Gold glasses  with brilliants from white & yellow gold.

   Gold glasses  with brilliants from white/yellow gold, weight of a product of 25-40 gram, weight of brilliants up to 5 carats, Exclusive design. Glasses, depending on lenses, can be solar or optical with dioptres.



Gold pen with diamonds.

   Solid Gold Ball & Fountain pen with settings jewels. We make pens that feature solid gold caps, barrels and trim that make each a valued collector's piece.






Other products.

   Besides products of luxury we make products for daily demand keeping thus all scale of design and luxury inherent in our products. All products are made from gold or platinum in a settings by diamonds and other precious stone.



Mr. Anbinder Iliya/ Ms. Anbinder Mira
Tel: (972) 3 6820825 Fax: (972) 3 6820825


27 Shokin st. Tel-Aviv 66532 Israel





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